Living Wall

Project Location: Raleigh, NC

Atlantic Mulch installed a living wall in downtown Raleigh on a new construction project.  Two walls were constructed; one 10′ high by 60′ long, the second 6′ by 30′.

To create this particular living wall, nylon socks are filled with STA Certified compost injected with grass seed (fescue / rye blend).  These long ‘compost socks’ are then stacked and staked onto the existing slope.  Finally, a compost blanket is blown over the socks to create an even, organic layer.  Over the next few weeks the grass will germinate and grow, locking in the slope and preventing erosion with a true “living wall”.

Living walls are a “green” product that can be used for stream bank restoration, new construction erosion control, and in building terraces or high raised beds.  These walls can be seeded with grass, or “live-staked” with native plants like ivy.