Compost Socks for Erosion Control

Project:  Pittsboro Parks and Recreation

Location: Pittsboro, NC

Contractor: Scotia Construction

Installation: 500 linear feet of 24″ Compost Sock

Compost filter socks are the economical and environmental choice for controlling erosion and retaining sediment in disturbed areas.

When placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff, these compost-filled mesh tubes provide a 3D matrix that traps sediment and pollutants, while allowing the filtered water to pass through.

Disposal is quick and clean. Slice the sock open, distribute the compost, and dispose of the mesh.

Compare that to dismantling slit fences or bale barriers – there are no metal spikes or loose chicken wire to contend with, only environmentally -beneficial compost remains.

Best of all, compost filler socks from Atlantic Mulch reduce costs.