Repairing Caswell Dam

Project Location: Caswell County

Atlantic Mulch is installing a compost erosion control blanket on High Rock Dam in Caswell County for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  Compost blankets have gained broader acceptance as a green best management practice and have been accepted for low-impact development (LID).  LID is a post-construction design and implementation methodology that strives to have a site’s post-development hydro-logic flow and cycle patterns mimic the natural pre-development patterns.



More on this project can be found the NC WRC’s website.

Workers from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission are repairing an aging dam on High Rock Pond on the R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Lands in preparation for opening a Public Fishing Area.

The work includes removing the old water-control structure that had deteriorated and started to leak. Workers from the Commission’s Division of Engineering Services and Division of Inland Fisheries are cutting into the dam and adding a more substantial structure that should give better results by cradling a 12 inch PVC pipe in concrete.

When the dam is complete, High Rock Pond, which is just off Stephentown Road in Yanceyville, will be refilled.