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Napa/Sonoma Wall Cap

Price per lin. ft.

  • size
    – 3″ x 15″ x  11 1/2 “
  • Lin. ft per pallet – 105
  • Pieces per pallet -84
  • Layers -n/a
  • Pallet weight – 3444 lbs
  • Sold quantities by  pallet  and layer
  • Contractors call for pricing

Our Sonoma™ Wall is freestanding and is the same unit-system as our popular Napa™ Wall system. However, Sonoma™ Wall is untumbled, giving it a profile with clean, straight lines. It is perfect for homeowners who desire a less weathered, more structured appearance.

3" Napa Wall Column Unit - 3" x 17" x 8"


Available in the same sizes, shapes and colors as Napa™ Wall, Sonoma™ Wall is just as easy to install.