• Decorative Gravel

    Available in a wide array of types, colors and sizes, our  extensive selection of decorative aggregates can add the detailed touch that gives your landscaping a more finished and professional look.

    Pee Dee Gravel: A tan colored aggregate that about ¼ inch in diameter.


    Quartzite White: A white to tanish river stone with a smooth surface about ¾ inch in diameter.


    IMG_1366Delaware Jax: Multi colored river stones available in sizes 3/8″, 3/4″, 1″-3″, 3″-5″,  with a smooth surface.



    Pigeon River Rock : Earth tone multi-colored smooth aggregate available in sizes 1/2″-3/4″, 3/4″-1.5″, 1.5″-3″, 2″-5″, 4″-7″, 6″-12″, 12″-18″.



    PA Rouge: A red and purple tint aggregate comes in 3/8″ diameter size and 3/4″ diameter size.



    IMG_1367Bear Town River Rock: An earth tone rock, brownish in color and comes in 3/4″ diameter size and 2-4″ diameter size.

  • Quarry Aggregates

    Gray, crushed granite/stone fines, mixed with 3/4 inch size crushed stone granite gravel. Packs down tightly and can be used for filling in holes in driveways or paths. Normally used as first layer of driveway or walkway 3 to 4 inch recommended the first time. This product is also used for the base for patios and walls.

    Stone Fines/Screenings 
    Crushed granite stone that is usually used as a base for laying walkways, patios and dry stacked walls.

    #78 Washed Stone ¼ Pea Gravel  
    Gray granite stone, usually used in walkway paths and can be used as top layer for driveway gravel, or even use as a slow drainage gravel around house.

    #57 Washed Stone Gravel 
    Gray granite stone approximately 1/2-3/4 inch in size average gravel. Mostly used in french drains, drainage boxes, and driveways.


    Chapel Hill Grit 
    Quarried decomposed granite native to the Chapel Hill area. Wonderful pathway material.

    Mortar Sand 
    Products are used for masonry items such as a concrete driveways, sidewalks and foundations. Mortar sand is also used for a base in stone patios, outside kitchens or any other projects.

    Play Sand 
    This product is a specially graded sand that has been dried and screened, for children’s sand boxes.